Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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About me

My name is Joe Haynes. I serve as the preaching pastor on a team of elders for a church in Victoria, BC, called Beacon Church. Ater serving churches in Vancouver, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, I, and my wife, moved our family to Victoria in 2011 to plant a church and have been here ever since. We have 5 grown kids, a son-in-law and daughter-in-law, 2 little ones, and advocate whenever we can for adoption and foster care.

Beacon Church began holding Sunday services early in 2013. At this time Beacon still rents space at a local community centre/school for our Sunday gatherings but we are praying for a permanent facility.

I did undergraduate studies at Prairie Bible College, have a Master of Arts in Christian Studies from Northwest Baptist Seminary, and am currently working on a Doctor of Ministry in Expository Preaching from The Master's Seminary in Los Angeles.

About my preaching and teaching

In all of my preaching and teaching, it's my heart's desire to serve Jesus, my Lord. I believe the Bible is the Word of God and as such, has no errors at all in whatever it teaches. Because "God is true," (John 3:33), and in Him there is no lie.

That conviction shapes how I preach and teach the Bible. It directly affects how I teach the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and everything in between. I aim to teach what the Bible says, not to tamper with the Bible to make it easier to swallow. I am convinced that not only is this a matter of life and death, but, more importantly, to do otherwise would be to dishonour God.

I think of my calling to preach and teach the Bible as something like that of a herald charged with accurately and faithfully relaying the messages entrusted to him by his king. But I don't for a minute think of this calling as a dreary duty. I have found the Bible to be the very "words of eternal life" (John 6:68). Through the Scriptures, God revealed Himself to me and opened my eyes to believe that Jesus is His Son, who died to save me from my sins and rose from death to give me everlasting life in Him. In my journey to know Jesus better, I have benefited very much from these ministries listed below. I include them here hoping that they might benefit you as well.

Desiring God
The Gospel Coalition
Creation Ministries International
Ligonier Ministries
The Master's Seminary - This one is for you pastors: I want to recommend to you the Doctor of Ministry in Expository Preaching at TMS.

Our church in Victoria, BC, Canada.